What to Wear at Nightclubs

What to Wear to the Club

You know that feeling when you show up somewhere and your outfit is totally wrong? Like you wore a tuxedo at a pool party or a tank top to church? Dressing for a club isn't too complicated and you should always go with your gut, but there are some basic rules to follow to make sure you feel comfortable. We've got you covered...literally.


Guys, the most important rule of getting ready for your night out is to clean up! If you spent the whole day working, or just came from the gym, you probably don't smell great. Take a quick shower and put on some deodorant, and cologne before you even think about your outfit. A casual button up shirt or V-neck tee is generally a safe move. Stylish colors like black, navy blue, grey, or white look good on every guy. It should be flexible enough to dance in, but not baggy. A button-up is usually a good choice for men's club attire. Alternatively, a tee shirt with a nice sport coat over it is always a hit. If you go with jeans on the bottom, keep in mind that baggy is out. Your pants have to stay up when you're on the dance floor! Black jeans are very fashionable for men right now and look great on all body types. Absolutely no athletic shoes or flip flops. Wear comfortable shoes that still look nice. Think about the convenience of the coat you choose. Picking cool club attire can be easy, always be yourself. If you still can't pick a club outfit, go to the mall before with your guys.


Do your hair and makeup in the style that will last all night. It can be dark in the club, but you know you're going to take lots of selfies with your friends. A great highlighter and waterproof mascara is always a good idea in case you get sweaty on the dance floor. For club outfits, choose something trendy but that truly speaks to your own style. A little black dress is always a great save if you can't find anything else to wear. Make sure the outfit you pick accentuates your curves. You'll be confident and sexy. If you're having a fashion dilemma, go to Instagram for some great inspiration. Check out your favorite celebrity's profile and get inspired by her red carpet looks. Get great style inspiration from our Instagram page too! You have two basic choices in attire: either a dress, or jeans with a nice shirt. If you go with a dress, top it off with a light jacket. Jeans and a flowing shirt made of nice material are a classic choice. Make sure it's not an everyday shirt, because you might have to take it to the dry cleaner's tomorrow. As you rotate through all the outfits in your closet, take pictures of yourself in the mirror and send them to your friends for input. Accessorize! Accessories add an extra something to your clothes that will add to your style. Pick a statement necklace or earrings that will make you stand out. The most important accessory you'll add is your earrings. Earrings really highlight your beautiful face. You can choose big earrings or smaller earrings depending on your own taste. Whatever you wear to the club, ALWAYS be confident when you step into the Onyx Room. Own the night!




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4 Months Ago

Hi Evelyn- We are actually moving away from allowing Vans. I would always recommend dress shoes. Vans are super cute but we want a step up at Onyx Room. Can't wait to have you in the venue!

8 Months Ago

Are vans okay to wear to get in ? Like the high tops vans ? Or does it have to be dressing shoes

8 Months Ago

Can you wear a graphic tee? Not obscene or anything like that.

8 Months Ago

Hey Bruno- Our dress code actually does not allow for hats.

9 Months Ago

can you wear a hat?