Want to learn new dance moves? We got you.


If you weren't a natural born dancer, or aren't naturally that smooth. Wondering how to dance at a night club might make you a bit nervous. Just remember, you're not the only person stressing about getting on the dance floor. So many people are nervous about dancing too! Get ready to catch the beat and remember that once you get on the dance floor, TURN UP! It's not as hard to be a comfortable dancer as you may think. We've got you covered. Below are some great tips to get you ready take over the club.


Dancing in the mirror may totally seem silly but it's a great way to see what you're doing before you get on the dance floor. Log into YouTube and pick a popular playlist. Listen for the beat and slowly move your shoulders with the beat first. Catching one consistent beat and following it throughout the course of the song is the easiest way to look relaxed and effortless while dancing. Now the trick is to make yourself look even better so you really stand out in the club. Practice makes perfect! After you've used your shoulders to catch the beat, slowly start walking around and bouncing with the music. As the music gets fast, nod your head and pick up your pace a bit. Remember to stay near a mirror so you can monitor how you look. The mirror doesn't lie. There is nothing worse than relying on a friend to tell you how you look if you're not sure they'll be honest. If you're still not satisfied and confident in learning dance moves, sit down and dance. You don't have to move your entire body and you'll still look cool. Keep practicing to different beats though because here at the Onyx Room, WE PARTY HARD! - It's almost another reason not to worry about your moves. Everyone is jammin' so much that no one will even notice if you're slightly off. We're all here just to have a good time.


Get over what anyone else thinks... The Onyx Room welcomes everyone who parties hard period. Grab a friend and own the night. If you see a cool dance move, have the person show you how to do it right there on the dance floor. It's a great way to make a new friend and grab a drink or flirt. Head over to the bar with your new friend and see where the night takes you. What happens at the Onyx Room can stay in the Onyx Room, but that's up to you. Join us, let's get it poppin'!