Meeting up at The Onyx Room


Onyx Room: The Hook Up

Everyone knows The Onyx Room has some of the sexiest men and women from the Gaslamp District. Many people head to the club after a long week or day at work to have a drink, meet new people, and celebrate with their friends. It's no secret that The Onyx Room is the best place to hook up. Read below to find out how to get the hook up you're looking for.


Guys, the game starts early for you all. Beyond smelling great and being groomed and well dressed, you'll need to spot the cutest person you see at the door. As attractive as that person is, you won't be the only person checking for that cutie. When they are waiting in line, this is a perfect time to strike up some lighter conversation. Make a few jokes and get the person's name so when you see them inside, you'll have an immediate friend. Get some of the nerves out of your system by speaking to the first few girls you see. It's also a great idea to strike up a conversation outside so you'll have a feel of whether that person is actually as cool as they look. If you're looking to hook up, you won't want to waste your time on people you're not interested in.

Once you're inside, offer to buy the person you think is hot a drink. It's very loud in the Onyx Room and our music is great so you won't be able to have great conversation. Ask the person to dance, since you bought them a drink, they'll be more likely to dance with you. Catch a good vibe and dance with your new bae for the night!

-MAJOR KEY ALERT: Always smell great. Always.


Ladies! Pull out that little dress you've been waiting to wear and put on your favorite lip color. The night is young and there will be so many attractive people out tonight. Here's a simple secret to help you stand out all night. SMILE. That's right ladies, men are more likely to approach ladies who look fun and like they're having a great time. You did all the work with your hair, accessories, and make-up, now don't kill the vibe by hanging around in a cluster with your friends all night. Dance and smile. Make yourself approachable. If you see someone fine and you want their attention, go dance in an area near them and make some eye contact. Let your moves and your cute outfit do all of the work for you when you're soon to be bae approaches you, or if you approach them, be sure to make the most out of the night. What happens in the Onyx Room, stays in the Onyx Room if you want.

-MAJOR KEY ALERT: Always smile. Always.




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