NYE Hangover Cures as Told by ONYX Room

The NYE Hangover Cure As Told By ONYX Room

Thank you so much for joining us last night! We had an amazing time and we hope you did too! 2017 is going to be epic!

Your head might be pounding, so we have rounded-up the top 10 ways to beat your hangover.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Whether this be water, Gatorade, or dare we say it - Pedialyte. Just drink up those fluids to get your body back on track.Eat

You burned off all those calories dancing last night - don’t be afraid to indulge on a hearty brunch! Eggs and bacon for the win.Shower

Although this may not cure your hangover, you will feel a lot better and ready to take on the rest of the day (or at least to jump back into your favorite sweatpants).Brush Your Teeth

This shouldn’t be told to most people, but it helps get the alcohol taste out of your brain and helps trick your brain into not having the fear and thinking about all the shots you had the night before.Take an Aspirin Before Passing Out*

Acetaminophen can cause liver damage, but Aspirin does not have acetaminophen and will help avoid the headache in the morning.Sleep

If you can - try to get more rest. You likely didn’t get your full 8 hours if you were at ONYX Room until closing time.Watch a Movie

Can’t get back to sleep? Watch a light hearted movie or binge watch your favorite show. Don’t pick a movie that requires too much brain power unless you tend to channel your inner Einstein when feeling terrible. Try binge-watching Friends or How I Met Your Mother, preferably with a cuddle buddy.Workout

Are you up for it? It is the new year after all! Take on your New Year's resolution and go for a jog! Sweat out all those toxins and you will feel great!B-12 VitaminB-12 has energy and will help replenish your body with anything that was lost last night from tempestuous choices.Hair of the Dog

None of these are working? Try a mimosa! It won’t cure much other than prolong the pain, and you’ll feel great momentarily, but who cares, maybe its best to put off your resolutions for one more day. Better yet - sign-up for the guest list to celebrate round two at Onyx Room for next week! See you there!

If you haven’t already - be sure to share your favorite picture from last night and tag #OnyxRoom and remind yourself of when you didn’t have this hangover.#onyxroom

We look forward to haveing a blast with you all in 2017!


*ONYXRoom is not your doctor, if you need medical attention be sure to call your doctor or 911.




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