How To Have The Perfect "Gal-entines" Weekend.


To all the ladies out there, whether you're single or in a relationship, you know girl's night out is always a good idea. We're going to help you throw the perfect Gal-entine's Weekend for your crew of besties.

Make sure tonight is just about the ladies. This is the most important part! Don’t let anyone bring their boyfriend woes to GNO. This is going to be all fun, no drama. If someone is bumming on a recent crush or bad relationship, Galentine’s is the best time to let it go and have a great time. Tell your girls: boyfriends and crushes stay home!

Put on your best outfit. You’re not gussying up to look good for some guy! Tonight is about looking and feeling great for yourself. There’s no better time to debut a new dress or borrow your friend’s top that isn’t usually “your style”. Gal’s night out is the perfect time to push your wardrobe limits. Plus, who doesn’t love raiding their friend’s closet? Tonight you’re not getting dressed for a first date or a romantic dinner. You’re going to be surrounded by your best girls, and the girl-power energy will give you all the confidence you need!

Who’s hungry? Let’s be real, you’re going out tonight and you might get bottle service. It’s a good idea to get a meal in before the night really kicks off. How about wine-ing and dine-ing with a group of ladies you love? Which one of your girls has the best pad? Tell her everyone will cook and clean if she provides the location. Try a new healthy recipe, open some wine, and let the gossip-fest begin. You all better catch up during dinner, because soon you’ll be busy dancing your heart out.

It’s go time. After dinner, give everyone a chance to touch up their makeup and make sure no one has a loose strap or finicky zipper. Check your purse for the essentials. Once you’re ready to go, split an Uber or Lyft to ONYX Room, where the fun continues.

The Friday (February 10, 2017) and Satruday (February 10, 2017) is ONYX Room’s Love Bites Valentine’s Day Weekend event. Even if you’re happily in love, show your single friends some support, because you can’t deny that sometimes love bites. Welcome to the anti-Valentine’s Day party, where the dance floor will give you enough love to keep your spirits high through 2017. If you want to kick it up a notch with a really amazing night, check out ONYX Room’s bottle service. Maybe you and the girls are ballin on a budget. Well, we got you covered with no cover charge if you arrive before 10pm and get on the guestlist ahead of time.

Can’t wait to see you and the ladies for a great weekend of fun and bonding.




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