ONYX Room's Memorial Day Weekend Party Rundown

ONYX Room’s Memorial Day Weekend Party Rundown

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here and you know what that means! It’s not just the official start to the summer, it’s the best party of the year, at ONYX Room. Memorial Day weekend is when you can really feel everyone’s moods change as we all get ready for an amazing summer of fun. San Diego is a great place year round, but summer is where our city really shines! We like to kick the season off with an incredible, mind-blowing three day party. Start your summer off right.

What can you expect?

  • Three amazing nights of summer fun, that you’ll never forget. Bring your friends so they can share in the good times.
  • Incredible music by Santana, La Fortaleza, Martin Kache, R-You, Refresh, Rags, Mozart, Muzik Junkies, Jay Valdez, Retep, DX, and Boom Kitty.
  • Long lines at the door. But don’t be discouraged, you can sign up for the guest list and get discounted or FREE cover for the hottest dance spot in San Diego.Guests on our list have to arrive early as the list closes as 10:30pm on the dot. Don’t miss out. Sign up now and get ahead of the crowd.
  • Tons of tourists, so we’re counting on YOU to show them a good time in San Diego. Get ready to make some new friends or invite your out-of-town friends to visit you in sunny San Diego for the weekend.
  • Warm weather. You know what that means: summer outfits. It’s going to be a hot one, so break out your favorite outfits or hit the shops to spoil yourself with something new.
  • Speaking of… it’s time to treat yourself. You made it through an unusually rainy winter and it’s time to celebrate summer. Do it with bottle service. You’re going to be partying for three days straight—a whole long weekend. You should party in style! Let us take care of all your needs with bottle service and the attention you deserve.

So come on down to ONYX Room and ring in the summer with us.




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